Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Climate change roundup

Quick roundup of climate change links of note:

Scientific journals accused of censoring those who don't toe the party line

Michael Crichton on complexity and the "crises" of the past

Interesting article by two German scientists:

Other scientists are succumbing to a form of fanaticism almost reminiscent of the McCarthy era. In their minds, criticism of methodology is nothing but the monstrous product of "conservative think-tanks and misinformation campaigns by the oil and coal lobby," which they believe is their duty to expose. In contrast, dramatization of climate shift is defended as being useful from the standpoint of educating the public.

Silencing dissent and uncertainty for the benefit of a politically worthy cause reduces credibility, because the public is more well-informed than generally assumed. In the long term, the supposedly useful dramatizations achieve exactly the opposite of what they are intended to achieve. If this happens, both science and society will have missed an opportunity.

How Global Warming Research is Creating a Climate of Fear


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