Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I got the MS blues

Wow, I hate using Windows. It just seems so clumsy and irritating compared to OS X. Every time I need to find a file with the retarded Windows Explorer, I look for the Spotlight button- and then remember that I have to find the file myself, hunting through folder after annoying folder.

And why does Outlook treat the corporate address books and your contacts as two completely separate entities? Today I sent an email to a colleague with the same first name as one of the auditors, instead of the auditor, because I assumed Outlook would find the auditor's name in my contacts, and if there happened to be a colleague with the same name, it would ask me which one I wanted. Silly me. Microsoft wants you to make a special effort to communicate outside the company. It can't just be easy, you know. That would be too, well, Apple-like, I suppose.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Tiger is here (at last!)

I'm posting this from a great little widget called DashBlog from the Dashboard of my Tiger upgrade, which finally arrived a week late. It is pretty cool, though. Haven't played much with Automator yet, but Spotlight is very impressive, and the Dashboard is really nice. There are a lot of UK-focused widgets: I have ones that show the train times to and from my nearest station, do Yell.com lookups, and do Amazon.co.uk searches. And the wifi finder finds tons of hotspots within a few miles of my postcode.