Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Galloway a "lying, manipulative bully"

According to one of the other Big Brother contestants, that is.

Asked how she felt when the respect MP nominated her for eviction from the Channel 4 show, she said: "Of course I felt betrayed.

"It's just that he's lied a lot before and I've seen him lie since. He's just a manipulative bully."

Asked if an MP should have agreed to go on the show, Lenska said: "I think he was trying to swell his popular appeal.

"But sadly I think he has done completely the opposite. People have been turned against him quite rightly.

"He should have been out looking after his constituents instead of being in the Big Brother house."

And in other news, the Pope is said to be Catholic, and a dog has bitten a man.


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