Friday, July 21, 2006

Gimme Shelter

If a state allows a "non-state militia" (or bunch of terrorists) to operate without hindrance within its territory, it needs to think about the possible consequences of doing that. If France allowed Basque terrorists to operate freely on its southern borders, it wouldn't be surprised to be attacked by Spain if those terrorists crossed the border, killed Spanish troops, and then kidnapped a soldier to be traded for Basque terrorists held in Spanish jails.

But of course normal rules don't apply when you are talking about the Jew of the nations, Israel, who is expected to meekly accept this treatment from Hizbollah, and then hand over convicted criminals so that they can set about murdering more innocent civilians. If Israel does react as any other nation would, it is condemned for the fallout that hits "innocent Lebanese". Well, innocent of direct action against Israel they may be; but they gave Hizbollah seats in the Lebanese parliament, and they did nothing while Hizbollah set up shop following the withdrawal of the Israeli occupying forces- forces which were there because Lebanon was unable or unwilling to stop the PLO from using the southern border regions as a base. So the Lebanese had their chance. They made the same mistake again. They allowed murderous thugs to take up residence among them again. They are getting hurt again, when Israel takes action against those who are bombarding half of the country with nearly 2,000 rockets so far. It's hard to feel that they didn't know this would happen. Whether they deserve all of the blame for their plight, or whether they share it with Hizbollah*, is hard to say. That Israel is not to blame, isn't.

* Does it even make sense to expect some consideration for a host country, from a group that wants to destroy an entire nation, and which delights in killing civilians?


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