Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Joy of CSS

Apologies to my regular readers (yes, both of you) for the lack of recent posting: I have been rather occupied with building the site I mentioned in a previous post. Anyway, it's up now if you want to take a look: CareerBalance

I'm quite proud of it: it's my first pure CSS site (look Mom no tables!) and it was a lot more fun to build without having to think through forests of TD tags and single-pixel gifs. It's much nicer and more intuitive just to be able to create a basic HTML document and then specify how it looks using a CSS.

The site was created with the fantastic BBEdit, and there's a special bonus for those of you using Firefox: transparent boxes with rounded corners in the interior page nav column! Some day all browsers will be this good...


Blogger Gary said...

Niiiiiiiiiice :-)

9:23 am  
Blogger Stephen said...

Thank you, you're too kind! (Actually just kind enough, but since that's the figure of speech...)

5:49 pm  

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