Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alito confirmed: Reuters unhappy

This is the first paragraph of a news report from Reuters:

A sharply divided U.S. Senate on Tuesday confirmed Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, backing a second conservative nominated by President George W. Bush in his effort to move the nation's highest court to the right.

While Reuters starts to sound more like the official mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, it's worthwhile remembering how the Republicans treated Clinton's two nominees. Despite one explicitly declaring her belief that abortion is a woman's right, and another firmly avowing that he believed there should be a wall between church and state, Republicans voted overwhelmingly to confirm the two nominees. This was despite serious concerns raised over Stephen Breyer's failure to recuse himself from a case where he had a financial interest in the outcome.

In fact the only precedent for the shameful behaviour of Senate Democrats over the Bush nominees is... the shameful behaviour of Senate Democrats over the Reagan nominee Robert Bork.

Source: Did Republicans Apply an Ideological Test to Bill Clinton's Supreme Court Nominees?


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