Thursday, July 27, 2006

Shangri-La followup

Further to this post, I need to report that I have officially Given Up on this diet. It doesn't work for me. After weeks of losing absolutely zippo, the last straw was when I gained three kilograms on Monday. So I've stopped.

Reading the message boards at Seth's site, it seems that there isn't much success among those who only need to lose a few pounds: the big successes come from very overweight people or people who have a huge problem with food cravings. Allthough I did notice a reduction in appetite, I was obviously making up the calories I wasn't eating, from the oil. Since I notice a similar reduction in appetite if I exercise properly, and since exercising makes me feel good and a lot more energetic anyway, I'm just making sure I get up earlier in the mornings so that I get the exercise out of the way first thing: no more excuses or trying to find the time later in the day. And it feels great to sit down to work, already exercised and showered, and ready to hit the day hard.


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