Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Security in Vista

This is probably just a coincidence, but shortly after Bill Gates' frankly laughable accusations against OS X security (broken on a daily basis?? Yeah, right. Whatever.) the new Mac ads poke fun at Vista's heavy-handed security model. I haven't used Vista, but the satire rings true for anyone who has tried to open an Office document containing a macro: Microsoft's idea of "security" is to shield themselves from responsibility by asking you if you want to allow the potentially risky action, without giving you any information that would allow you to make a meaningful choice. So you can choose yes, and get what you have to get done, done: if a virus is unleashed as a result, Microsoft can shrug and say "we warned you". If you choose no, you're safe, but you can't actually do anything - but Microsoft can say it's made you "secure".


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