Tuesday, October 03, 2006

If it's not OK at home, it's not OK here

Just thinking about Mugabe's promise to continue to meet protest with violence:
Addressing a rented crowd bussed to Harare Airport, on his recent return from addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Mugabe said he would continue to sanction the beating of labour leaders who disregard police orders.

Here we have the perfect example of why the UN is a failure. You can have thuggish dictators like Mugabe and Chavez stand up in New York and hand out the most outrageous abuse of their hosts, while no-one in their own countries is permitted a whisper of free speech. Refusing to look into the way in which the representatives of states achieve their status makes a mockery of the democratic procedures of the UN. What is the point of allowing a gangster free speech and a vote at the UN, when the people he supposedly represents did not vote for him and do not trust him to advance their aims? No representative of a government should be allowed to speak at the UN unless his government allows free speech at home. No representative should be allowed to take his seat at the UN unless his appointment is made by a government duly elected in free and fair elections.


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