Monday, February 12, 2007

Some good global warming science for a change

An interesting article in The Times about new evidence for the solar hypothesis, which posits that fluctuations in the solar wind affect cloud formation by influencing the influx of cosmic radiation, which in turn affects temperature. An experiment has confirmed a key element of the hypothesis. Now this is real science: come up with a theory and then test it. Interestingly, it was difficult to find funding for the experiment. With all that money going to the pseudo-science that is climate modelling, you'd have thought they could have spared a few bob for the real kind. But I guess science is out of fashion now: much easier to climb on the funding bandwagon. Time was, science fuelled technological progress. Now the new faithful have managed to pervert scientists into supporting their neo-Luddite, anti-tech pseudo religion. Marxism is dead. Long live environmentalism- the new hope for destroying capitalism! (And getting people to behave the way we think they ought to.)



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