Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The discreet charm of the Polish policeman

I quite enjoyed this tale of an encounter with thugs in Warsaw, and the aftermath:

If you are ever, ever in Warsaw, I highly recommend you flag down a passing cop car and tell them you've been assaulted. You will meet with a kind of unconditional acceptance and emotional support that I didn't know could be found outside one's immediate family. The police will also go apeshit and run around with guns and screaming sirens in a way that very few families do, and for the police it's perfectly legal.


Blogger Earl Jackson said...

You forgot to mention that you need to say: "I'm Jewish and I've been assaulted by an antisemite" if you want the reaction you describe. Otherwise the cops will just shrug.
Isn't it enough that you have smeared Poland's name forever with your grotesque lies and then bled her of all independance for sixty years? Now you go there to mock the deference your brainwashing has induced in this cowed nation. Have you really no shame?

2:15 pm  
Blogger Stephen said...

I think you're a bit confused here: I don't describe any reaction; that is done by the writer of the piece that I quoted. And since I haven't been alive for sixty years yet, it would have been rather difficult for me to have bled Poland of all "independance" [sic] for that long, don't you think?

My first instinct was to delete your comment, but I think I'll leave it up to show people how stupid antisemites are.

2:50 pm  
Blogger Earl Jackson said...

Your first instinct was to delete my comment? You can't afford to do that, or you'd have no comments at all since god knows when, man! Wait until you've got a little following before you start brandishing the delete option:)

8:25 pm  

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