Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You can't make this stuff up

What happens when you deliberately destroy your country's once-strong, food-exporting farming infrastructure, condemning millions of your people to years of starvation? Why, you become the front runner to lead the World Food Programme.

But I suppose that's what happens when "democracy" means letting a bunch of kleptocratic thugs run Africa as though it were their own personal fief, all in the name of emancipation. And unfortunately South Africa is heading down the same path. All the democrats and anti-racists cried foul when cynics branded the first non-racial elections in Zimbabwe as "one man, one vote, once." But unfortunately the cynics were right. And for South Africa, I fear it's just a question of time. If they really cared about the welfare of Zimbabweans they would force Mugabe out. By pretending all is well, they are making clear what their priorities are: solidarity with a dictator, because he is black. But then again, racism's only bad if you're white, I suppose.


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