Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Career coaching really works

In this post I wrote about something that Simon Broomer of CareerBalance had told me. Although I didn't make it clear in that post, the context of his comment was a career counselling session that I was undertaking with him, and I want to talk a bit about that experience.

After a fairly unsatisfactory stint of working on my own from home, I decided, before making yet another random career move, that the time had come to properly look at what I wanted to do with my life. So I commenced a series of counselling sessions with Simon about a month ago.

So far I have completed four sessions, and the results have already been pretty amazing. I now have a much better idea of the things that really drive me, career-wise, and my career history now makes much more sense when I look back with the new understanding that I have. I can see why I made the choices that I did, and the recurring themes come through again and again.

In arriving at this point, I have done a lot of looking back through my career to pick up the achievements that meant the most to me and that I enjoyed the most. Not only has this given the valuable clues to what gives most meaning to my working life, it has also put me back in touch with the excitement, and by reminding me of times when I did achieve things that I was proud of, it has renewed my confidence in my own abilities.

I had been interviewing for temporary positions during most of this time, and the work that we have done has had an immediate impact on my interviewing. Naturally I could easily give examples of previous achievements, but my confidence, and excitement for the opportunities on offer, were vastly improved as well - so much so that I have been offered a new position, and start work tomorrow.

I will still continue with my sessions, not least because the new position is dynamic and subject to change, but also because career counselling is not just about getting a job: it's about doing the work that you were meant to do, that gives the most meaning to your life, and creating your dream job, whether you do it where you are currently working, or whether you find it somewhere else.


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Blogger Eliot Bergson said...

You're absolutely right, Stephan - coaching does work. I've been playing around on a new site based on the work of Dr. Brian Schwartz, a long-time career coach and psychologies, called CareerDNA (

By knowing yourself better and matching skills to jobs, you can indeed find, well, if not true happiness, a better fit in your career.

Good luck.

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